LITTLE RIVER REDHEADED STRANGER- Galerie - Labrador Retriever von Fichtenberg

Labrador Retriever von Fichtenberg
Labrador Retriever von Fichtenberg
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Bildergalerie von "Willie" des Vaters von Xenia
geboren am: 23.03.2003 - gestorben am: 30.07.2017

23.02.2003 - 30.Juli.2017

Today is a very sad day for us as Little River Red Headed Stranger better know as "Willie" made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge.
Willie was whelped by us on February 23rd 2003 weighing a whopping 26 ounces.
He left us surrounded by his family and people that loved him the morning of July 30th 2017.
He left behind a real legacy of his unique shade, helped fox red become accepted in the show ring,
and spread the fox red shade of yellow throughout the world through his prodigy.
He might have left us but his memory remains in hundreds if not thousands of pedigrees all over especially in the US and Europe.
Willie has struggled significantly over the last couple months often in great pain,
run free Willie, free of your issues we will always remember and love you!

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